Thursday, 22 January 2015

** N E W ** Pole Fitness Tuesday Class starting January 2015 with Pole Passion

** N E W ** Pole Fitness Tuesday class starting at
Nuffield Health & Wellbeing STUDIO 1
Crabbet Park
Turner's Hill Road
Worth, Crawley
West Sussex
RH10 4ST

Pole Dance Fitness Classes are perfect for all women aged 16+  Join our fun and friendly classes
with professionally qualified instructors. See an increase in muscle tone as you progress each week,
accomplishing moves you never thought possible.

Instructors: Nikki Fenton, Lindsey Hopcraft, Jana Polovkova & Kay Penney
Assistances: Samantha Clarke, Grace Croft
 Apprentice Instructor -    We currently have an apprentice position available  Email us if you are interested

MONDAY'S CLASS   - 8.30 - 9.30pm - Nikki
TUESDAY'S CLASS  - 8.30 - 9.30pm - Lindsey starting 27th January 2015
FRIDAY'S CLASS     - 7.30 - 8.30pm - Jana

All welcome mixed ability classes

Jana's Qualifications:
Accredited Advanced Level 3 Pole Fitness Instructor Qualified
First Aid Certified
Dance qualified

Nikki's Qualifications:
Accredited Advanced Level 2 Pole Fitness Instructor Qualified
First Aid Certified
Dance qualified

Lindsey's Qualifications:
Accredited Advanced Level 3 Pole Fitness Instructor Qualified
First Aid Certified

Kay's Qualifications:
Accredited Advanced Level 3 Pole Fitness Instructor Qualified
First Aid Certified
Assessor & course coordinator with 10 years pole teaching experience (Pole Passion founder)
ETM qualified group fitness professional Level 3

Sam's Qualifications:
Accredited Advanced Level 3 Pole Fitness Instructor Qualified
First Aid Certified

No of poles: 8 x 2.5Mtrs 38mm RPole Portable Free Standing Pole Dance Poles

When: Every Monday 8.30-9.30pm, Every Tuesday 8.30-9.30pm and Every Friday 7:30pm-8:30pm

World Pole Sport & Fitness 2015 China Beijing Competitor Applications NOW OPEN

World Pole Dance  - World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships
 to be held in China 2015 Beijing

Time table of events

Pole Passion (United Kingdom) & China Pole Dance  (China) work closely together for this prestigious event
Competitor registration now taking place – please email us at
Judges applications now taking place – please email us at

The dates of our stay  from and to dates
8th April  - DEPART London Heathrow
9th April  - Arrive Beijing Capital  International  Airport 2015 early morning

10th Final meeting with organisers
11th  Preliminaries females only  - possible Bendy Master Class tbc
11th  Evening - evening presentations females - everyone invited
12th  Finals - males / doubles / females

13th Sight seeing - Great Wall organised by China Pole Dance for staff, competitors and judges- RPOLE PROMOTION
14th 15th 16th World Accredited instructor training and master classes tbc

17th sight seeing again or relaxation day
18th DEPART PEK CHINA in  morning
18th ARRIVE back to the UK  -  allowing for time change

Lesley Jackson Pole Passion Master Class February 2015

Lesley Jackson is on tour!

Lesley Jackson aka 'Ley-poleguns' from Northern Pole Dance, started poling in 2010 and fell in love with it in the first 10 seconds!! She was over weight and found pole a great way to get fit. As she was no dancer or gymnast pole didn't come easy to her so the work she had to put in to get the moves didn't go unnoticed and was known as the sweaty girl that would not give up.
This hard work, combined with her active Facebook and Instagram accounts have made Ley a well-known instructor. She constantly strives to find the best way to break down moves and explain them to students.

Lesley is renowned for being a little crazy on the pole and is not scared to have a go at something new.

If you ever see Ley perform you are one of the lucky ones, as she has really big fear of performing and will openly admit she’s a teacher not an entertainer. Her teaching is reflected in her students.

Lesley has completed Pole Fitness teacher training with training leaders, Pole Passion, and is currently training as a trainer assessor with Pole Passion too and has trained with Spin City and is a 4 star PDC instructor.
She believes knowledge is power and we all need to keep learning.

Teaching techniques workshop
On Friday 27th Feb 2015 at Crawley Pole Fitness, Lesley will be running a workshop focusing on advanced teaching techniques. This workshop will address issues such as:

When is a student ready for the move?
Correct ways into the move
Correct ways out of the move
Effective and safe spotting
From the floor adaptations
Conditioning to prepare for the move
Teaching tips and common errors

10 mins will be made available for you to ask questions and trouble shoot moves.

Moves covered will include Superman, Cross ankle release, Handspring, Cupid, plus any others requested in advance if appropriate. – send in your choices J)

Date: Friday 27th February
Cost:  £35 pp for 90 mins.
Where: Pole Passion Crawley Nuffield Health and Well Being Crawley, Crabbet Park, RH10 4ST
Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Payment required in full in advance

Many thanks​

Email contact

Lesley is also available   Sunday, March 1 at 10:30am - 12:00pm at Pole Passion Bognor at Dream Fitness in Bognor

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Bendy Kate teaches Sinitta how to pole dance in just 10 lessons

World Pole Sport & Fitness Pole Dance Champion 2014, Bendy Kate is all set to put Sinitta (singer) to her paces in a new TV entertainment  show, Get Your Act together, which starts on 18th January 2015.

Sinitta famous for songs in the 80’s, ‘I don’t believe in miracles’  and - So Macho also an 80’s favourite - 1987 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Sinitta quotes her pole dancing experience was, ‘The most intense weeks ever, and in only 10 lessons over three weeks, a totally transformed body, crazy muscles and tremendous strength’

The show will be featuring other stars too such as
Gareth Thomas (Rugby player) performing along side The Circus Of Men
Danielle Lloyd (Model) with Catwall Acrobats
Jedward ('Singers') with Jump Rope UK
Roxy Shahidi (Emmerdale) with Pixie Le Knot (Contortionist)
Chelsee Healey (Actress) will be doing Aerial dance
Elliot Wright (TOWIE) , even Ann Widdecombe (Politician) and Claire Richards (Steps) have been rumoured to join the show

Well done Bendy and we look forward to sending our votes your way on the show
@sinittaofficial, @worldpoledance, @polepassion

For lessons and videos visit the websites

CHINA 2015 April 11th & 12th

Pole Sport Basic First Aid

Pole Sport Basic First Aid for Pole Dance Fitness

Whilst serious injuries are extremely rare during pole fitness exercise, we have listed some of the more common ailments during a pole fitness lesson which you may come across and the best way of how to deal with them.  Remember always have a mat and a spotter when inverting

Pole Passion now has a specific Instructor training course  - Advanced Level  - specifically focusing on the additional  safety elements of spotting during inversions, on the free standing portable R Poles.

Potential Causes:
·        Incorrect technique
·        Compensating for lack of strength with friction grip
·        Medication taken by participant

·        Rest area until bruise no longer sore
·        Apply arnica cream to the area
·        Apply ice to large bruises immediately after injury has occurred

Sprains and Strains
Potential Causes:
·        Over training
·        Incorrect Techniques
·        Trips, falls, tumbles

·        Stop using the injured area immediately
·        Rest the area
·        Speak to your doctor or pharmacist about anti-inflammatory creams or tablets which could aid recovery

Potential Causes:
·        Excessive or Condensed Training (i.e, master classes) can lead to blistered hands and wrists
·        Ill –fitting shoes or trainers can lead to blistered feet

·        Reduce or stop training and rest before the blisters burst which may cause a secondary infection
·        Use gloves to protect the hands while training intensely
·        Ensure the area is clean and apply a blister plaster if possible

Muscle Spasms and Cramps
Potential Causes:
·        Dehydration
·        Lack of potassium or electrolytes
·        Lack of other dietary nutrients
·        Illness or fever

·        Avoid training on a cramping muscle
·        Stretch and rest the area
·        Ensure a balanced diet with adequate nutrients is eaten
·        Regularly sip water while exercising

Possible Causes:
·        Fall, trip or tumble
·        Trauma to the head caused by moving items (e.g. kicked by another participant)
·        Dropped by another participant (e.g. from a doubles move)

·        Don’t fall off!  Heed instructor safety information
·        Assess whether patient is conscious and ensure they remain conscious
·        Call 999 Immediately

Fractures and breakages of the bones
Potential Causes:
·        Incorrect techniques
·        Unnecessary force
·        Trips, falls and tumbles

·        Call 999
·        Immobilise the affected area
·        In the case of a protruding fracture, ensure that a first aider is able to secure the affected area
·        In the case of a sucking chest wound, cover the area immediately with a sterile pad and ensure it is held there

For more information about training courses - visit our website

Friday, 9 January 2015

Keiko Takemoto & Satoshi Murakami (Japan) World Pole Dance 2014

We managed to catch up with Japanese 2014 World Pole Dance Doubles Division Entry
Keiko Takemoto & Satoshi Murakami (Japan) dancing to Sengokubasara

·How does it feel to be a part of  The Worlds  - World Pole Dance 2014 as a males competitor?
It was really good experience and under the inspiration of all the other competitors and organisers.

·Did you go in it to win it?    Yes.

·Do you have a dance and performer background?  I have Acrobatic, rope and mallkhamb performing experience

·How long have you been Pole Dancing for?  4years.

·What made you start entering competitions, have you always had a competitive streak?  
We wanted to enter a world championships and to attain a goal

·Has this competition given you a hunger to compete in more competitions? Yes of course

·What advice would you give to anyone who has never competed before? Enter the New Pole Dance World – World Pole Sport & Fitness World Pole Dance – you never know until you have completed

·Do you have a Pole Idol?  No none at this time

·Were you nervous on the day of the competition and if so what ritual do you carry out to help with your nerves? Yes slightly – I just believe in myself and eat lucky food

Thank you very much. we had a very good experience at World Pole Dance, and we would like to challenge next year in 2015.
I'm sorry about my bad English!!!

Much love

Keiko Takemoto, & Satoshi Murakami (Japan)  March 2014

Pole Passion Karla McCarthy opening Pole Passion Bersted classes in 2015

I'm Karla McCarthy. 

I teach pole for Pole Passion out of Bersted Park Community Centre on the outskirts of Bognor and also work as an apprentice in our Pole Passion Littlehampton venue. 

I originally attended pole classes a little apprehensive as to what I would find. Little did I know all that time ago that I would not only find the most fantastic all over body work out, but I would also find my second family! 

Now not only do I still attend classes with my own instructor, but I also teach. I love teaching pole. 
Each class is filled with men and woman from all walks of life, all looking for something different and fun. My classes start with a choreographed warm up, shaking off the stress of the day and having a little fun at the same time. 
We then move on to working on your lesson plans before cooling down at the end of the session. Classes are mainly focussed around the sportier side of pole however for variation choreography workshops do run regularly and are always great fun. 

I look forward to welcoming you to a class soon! 

As I always say, why be ordinary, when you can pole?